Trauma / Biohazzard Cleanup


When someone dies in their home or business, what happens next? The next step is cleanup, and itís not a job for a standard janitorial service. Count on the professionals at America's Best to help you through this difficult time. We are a biohazard remediation company that specializes in the unique aspects of trauma and crime scene cleanup.

If you are dealing with the circumstance where someone you know has taken their own life or your elderly parent has passed away in their home, why are we calling it a crime scene? This death wasnít a crime. To you, itís not a crime scene. To you, itís your loved one. Itís your home. Rest assured, crime scene cleanup is merely the term commonly used by the industry, and we are not law enforcement. Our first priority is to help you when it matters the most, easing psychological, emotional, and physical trauma in times of crisis. We take great care in helping to restore your home.

How much does a Cleaning Service cost? Every scene is different and each is estimated based on its own merit. The costs related our service varies based on the extent of damage to the structure and its contents. It is very difficult to immediately provide an estimate for services as much of the scope of work required is determined while the work itself is in progress. Some of the factors that determine the cost include, but are not limited to, how far biological fluids have traveled, if flooring needs to be removed, how many layers of flooring, if joists and beams have been affected, if walls and ceilings require cleaning, the amount of personal property affected and if there is an odor, if those organic vapors have embedded themselves into the structure.

Upon arriving at the scene, our experienced team will evaluate the damages and develop a plan for the scope of work expected to be required to clean and sanitize the property successfully. Initially, a range for the cost Ė both best/worst case scenario Ė can be provided until any and all complicating factors can be ruled out and a firm estimate can be developed.